መቆፃፀሪ ምሸጣ ኣቑሑ ንኣናእሽተይን ማእኸለዎትን ትካላት
Simple Point of Sale (POS) System

We are offering a shop inventory management system which is an  easy-to-use, secure solution for your retail business, enabling you to manage all key functions in your shop such as billing, inventory, expenses, promotions, gift cards, suppliers, customers and much more.

Our user friendly POS system is both web based and windows (standalone) which manages  small and medium shops such as Boutiques, Computer Shops, Mini Markets and many other shops to register their products (inventory) using bar codes, check out products during sales, monitor level of stock, manages, customers, and suppliers, record expenses, and view key reports such as daily/monthly sales reports, and product reports.

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