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Here you can check domain name information, edit your domain contact information or transfer an already registered domain name from another registrar
  • Domain Look up
  • Domain transfer
  • Edit your domain info
  • If you would like to check information for an already registered domain name such as domain ownership, where and when registered, expiration date, and the name servers assigned to the domain, Please type the domain name below

  • In order to transfer a domain name registered on other hosting or registrar company make sure: The domain name has NOT been newly registered in the past 60 days. The domain is unlocked. Make sure the domain is eligible for transfer from your current registrar. Unlock the domain from your registrar so that it can be transferred.

    Domain Transfer Form

  • If you would like to view or edit the contact details of an already registered domain please log in on the below link If you do not know your user name and password please contact us.


FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How long does it take to register my domain name?

After you have registered a domain name with us, it will take mostly about 20 minutes to register it and 24 hours for your domain name to propagate to all of the root DNS servers.

Can I register only domain name?

No, Our domain name registration is package with our hosting plans. Therefore, In order to register a domain name with us, at list you need to have one of our hosting plans.

Can I use my domain name for email?

Yes, you can use your domain name for email and to host your website as well. You can create branded email addresses for you and your employees. Example: If your domain name is ABC.COM then you can create email addresses such as NAME@ABC.COM

How long is your payment cycle?

Our payment cycle is every year (12 Months). If you register your domain name today, then your next service fee will be same date next year.

What payment options do you offer?

We have three payment options 1. You can pay online using PayPal 2. You can transfer your annual fee through bank transfer. 3. You can pay also at our office in cash.

What is Who is Look up?

It is a search that provide information regarding a domain name, such as example.com. It may include information, such as domain ownership, where and when registered, expiration date, and the name servers assigned to the domain.

What is a domain name transfer?

When you register a domain name in another registrar or hosting company and when you want to change your hosting company (example if you want to transfer it to our hosting service) then you have to transfer your domain name. therefore, the process is called domain name transfer.

Where can I edit my Domain name information?

If you already have a domain name with us and you would like to check and edit your domain name information please click on the below link. http://www.propersupport.com/login/