We are now supporting php7.4

Dear Customers, We would like to inform you that now all our servers support php7.4. You may change the version for any cPanel account under your Web Hosting Manager via the Select PHP Version menu. Key features of the new update include: Preloading for Improved Performance Arrow Functions for Cleaner One-Line Functions Typed Properties for […]


Our have upgraded to NVME m2 SSD drives

Dear Customers, We would like to inform you that recently we have upgraded all our machines to NVME m2 SSD drives and migrated all our customers websites to the new high tech machines. We have introduced a new storage cluster with NVME m2 SSD drives which will greatly increase the stability and mainly the speed […]


Enjoy the cPanel Version 86

We are happy to upgrade our control panel to cPanel version 86. The new control panel has great interface and improved functionality. According to  cPanel, L.L.C. the Version 86 introduces new tools and improvements to the product including upgrades to EasyApache 4’s OpenSSL version, the introduction of TLS v1.3, a number of new and improved interfaces, […]